Album - Nicola Tanzella
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capture every moment

It is certainly very important to capture every moment and emotion of  your wedding, but it is equally important to be able to collect these  special memories in a wedding album.

Touching the photographs by hand, flipping the pages through an album  will re-emerge in time all the emotions of your wedding which you can  then pass on to your children…
This is why I propose to my couples only the best quality design albums,  fine handmade products, using only Italian professional craftsmen to  guarantee my Customers a quality of printing and flawless binding that  lasts over time.

accurate selection

I love simplicity and my albums are laid out in a sober and elegant  style, without frames or strange effects.

A careful selection of the most beautiful and exciting wedding photos  with neutral backgrounds, no distractions because your emotions are the  main attraction!

As each couple have their own personal taste, I decided to make both  traditional albums (individually glued photos on each page) and photo  books (hot printing and binding on photographic paper on a continuous  page), as well as books and prints and Fine-Art pictures of a very high  quality capable of giving back all the nuances and intensity of colours.

Contact me without obligation to receive more information.